Driving change across the food service industry

Using technology to better understand our customers and our impact on the environment.

Delivering outstanding dishes and service to our customers whilst monitoring our sustainability is the ultimate goal at Eurest. We use a variety of technology solutions to help us achieve these objectives as we continue to grow and improve.

Empowering our fight against food waste

With food waste contributing to around 8-10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions each year, reduction initiatives are an essential part of the future of the food service industry and our planet’s health.

One of the tools we have implemented with Compass Group Australia in the fight against food waste is Leanpath, an innovative tracking and analysis system. Since April 2022 Leanpath has helped our teams to save 4,047kg of food waste which is 20,236 meals, 28.14 metric tons of CO2 offset and 5,451 litres of petrol consumption avoided.

Consistent improvement through our technology solutions

Our easy-to-use, people focused mobile app

Introducing our mobile app. Jumpr+ allows employees to browse, select a pickup time and order food in the workplace, just by tapping a mobile app.

Easy and seamless to integrate into at work dining solutions, Jumpr+ not only gives employees more control over how they spend their lunch break, the pre-order functionality can help reduce queues at peak times and allow our culinary teams to prep in advance and better modulate customer flow.

Solutions grounded in real understanding

What better way to deliver exceptional experiences to customers and employees than to listen directly to them? We use our scale to garner real-time data through our Voice of Customer Program from thousands of customers around the world, leveraging and applying global insights at a local level to enrich and inform solutions.

It provides us with a holistic approach to collecting and analysing feedback – providing each staff member with the opportunity to help shape their workplace food program. We use these insights to consistently improve our solutions.

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