Food at your fingertips

Micromarkets, snacking & vending solutions for businesses

Fuelling your appetite and meeting your nutritional needs at work should be as convenient and easy as pressing a button.

Whatever your workplace, our flexible, convenient and accessible micromarket and free-issue snacking range and programs are designed around you. Keeping fresh meals, hot drinks, healthy snacks and the occasional indulgence at your fingertips, around the clock.

Micromarkets, big benefits

Our micromarkets are compact, self-service solutions that make grabbing great-tasting food quick and convenient, even in the busiest workplaces. They offer chilled and heat-to-eat food, as well as high quality hot drinks and beverages.

With self-checkout systems available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you’ll have access to nutritious refreshments any time of day.

Work hard, snack often

So much more than just snacks

It’s one thing to offer free issues, but it’s another entirely to have a bespoke snacking program tailored to your people. That’s why we offer everything from fruit and milk as simple necessities through to groceries, health foods, treats, beverages and more. Just grab and go!

Let’s talk about your team's favourites so they can fuel up and seize the day.

Fully managed services

Take the pressure off your team by letting us manage your pantries and kitchenettes. From ordering and stocking so you never run out, making recommendations for new and exciting options and keeping your spaces clean and tidy, we specialise in managing employee engagement programs.

Got some food for thought?

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