Connect, collaborate & cook

Putting the power of food in your hands

Nothing brings people together like cooking a delicious meal. Which is exactly what drives our employee initiative, The Teaching Kitchen.

Learn from our culinary experts, add to your recipe repertoire and sharpen your kitchen skills. Plus, you’ll get to share the experience with your team on something a little more engaging than projects and deadlines!

It’s time to get cooking

Through hands on sessions with The Teaching Kitchen our chefs take you through some of their favourite recipes. Guiding you through everything from skills development to nutrition to sustainability.

Our carefully crafted cook-alongs are brought to life by our culinary leaders and their passion for food.

We’ll show you the ropes

From knife skills to key nutrition principles, you’ll learn the ways of a chef during an on-site or virtual session with The Teaching Kitchen.

You’ll also receive the recipes used, information on equipment and a shopping list and hamper of tasty ingredients to get your started. So, let’s get cooking!

Come together, shape your culinary skills & learn more about nutrition

Got some food for thought?

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