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Our Global Eating at Work Survey 2023 is one of the largest inter-generational surveys of its kind, analysing insights from 35,000 global workers across 26 countries on their workplace preferences, including views on eating at work, sustainability, digital adoption, health and mental wellbeing.

Employees are increasingly mindful of what they want

Our Eating at Work survey reveals how Gen Z workers, who will account for 27% of the global workforce by 2025, are the most vocal generation calling for enhanced wellbeing, sustainability and digital benefits in the workplace, and are willing to look at alternative employers if their needs aren’t met.

This presents employers with exciting new opportunities to meet this growing demand through workplace food provisions, technology solutions and dining options.

Providing sustainable & healthy food at work is paramount, especially for younger generations

Food provision has become increasingly important

Our survey revealed a major asset to a company across all age groups was centred on food provision. 72% of Gen Z and 42% of Baby Boomers say an on-site cafeteria would positively influence their decision to join a prospective employer.

71% of workers who have a staff restaurant at work say they speak more highly of their employer to others outside their organisation, compared to 62% for employees with no food provision at work.

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