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Café & coffee services to perk up your office & workplace

There’s no denying Australian’s love coffee. Coffee culture is deeply engrained in our lifestyle with diverse reasons to grab a cup from just getting the day started or catching up with work mates to an essential meal companion. This is why our café services are built to fuel productivity and spark creativity while also giving everyone a chance to slow down and connect.

It's about great coffee, paired with great food.

Barista-quality, always

Providing dedicated coffee services in the office is a way of showing commitment and care to your employees. But regardless of how the coffee is made, it needs to meet Australian’s discerning standards.

You might need a latte on the go from a barista-quality bean to cup machine. Or need a dedicated barista onsite, ready to greet your teams in the morning. Or offer a full café service to bring that high street café experience to your people. Whatever your team’s needs, we will cultivate experiences to inspire.

Reflect & reconnect with our office coffee & café services

Cafés that become your local favs

The office café can be somewhere people retreat to relax and catch up socially or get down to business. Either way, our focus is on creating inviting spaces with exciting menus that deliver great café experiences. Regardless of whether you are picking up a quick coffee, have a team lunch or meeting a client.

Keeping teams full of beans

The right bean can make all the difference. This is why we partner with a range of suppliers and roasters to bring you the right brew. Always with a focus on sustainably sourced beans and bringing in sustainable waste practises, your team can feel good about their coffee choices.

Sustainable impact at the heart

It’s not a buzz word. It’s a core part of how we deliver our services. Backed by Compass Group Australia, our rigorous supply chain processes, systems and continuous improvement strategies drive our quality and ethics framework for both suppliers and products.

Our sustainability focus is grounded in people, community and our planet, including:
- Engaging Indigenous business
- Reducing waste
- Animal welfare and environmental impact reduction
- Our adoption of the modern slavery act

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